The winning team.

I am not a very political person. I barely survived Team Britney versus Team Christina and really dread experiencing that kind of heartache again.

And Team Britney. Duh.

A friend and I were discussing the current political climate and the recent phenomenon of human beings everywhere vomiting their staunch beliefs all over their keyboards.

It is, beyond a doubt, a horrifying scene to witness.

My takeaway? I’m not going to so tightly interweave myself with any form of thought that could possibly lead another human being away from Jesus.

And this most definitely applies to both sides of the issue.

People are talking about politically homeless Christians right now. If you can’t even remotely relate to that, then I implore you to assess your heart once more.

There is a common understanding of what we as Christians need to vote for: the right to life for all people, honoring the Lord through our government policies, protecting our freedoms because once freedom is lost, man, well let’s just say you’ll have a little more to worry about than how to get your kid to sit still during a Zoom call.

We vote for principles, not people. That’s the only option we have at this point. But the process in that should be a respectful one.

We can have thoughts. We can have opinions. But they should never rise above our hope in Jesus Christ and our duty in preserving the heart of our fellow man.

We have to die to ourselves.

So why waste time painting pictures of ourselves in memes and one ups and adorable eye-rolling quips?

Why not lay it all down? Why not stop wasting the time and save it in bucketfuls instead for the friends and family and strangers we want to save from the enemy before we look in the mirror and start seeing him before our very eyes?

Get Wordy

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