The luxury of closing their eyes.

I wrote an email to someone trying to explain what it is I’m doing and why God’s asked me to do it.

This is what I managed to sputter out:

“American Christianity (and the fiction it produces) tends to sugarcoat truth, and I think it’s a detriment to those who are suffering and truly wish to seek Christ. If we hide our faces from travesties such as abuse, addiction, etc., then how are we to truly administer to them in Jesus’ name? I’m not against taking a ‘brain break’ so to speak and seeking out works that are on the lighter side. I just know I’m to write words that can heal those who are suffering and don’t have the luxury of closing their eyes to their own struggles.

And ultimately, I know I could easily write genre-specific fiction within the Christian literary space and make far more money than I do now. But I think that’s the problem and the driving force behind a lot of what’s written and catered to Christians, and I never want to be a part of that problem.” 

Now, if you would have asked me to verbalize that in person, it would have sounded pretty much akin to, “Durrr…”

I, out of everyone, am flabbergasted by what God has given me, and I typically feel like an awful steward of it. My mind wanders, and soon enough, I’m traveling down rabbit holes that convince me to do everything bigger and better.

And it ultimately always fizzles out.

In our church community group on mental health, we’re doing A Mentally Healthy Faith by Dr. Henry Cloud. He points out how he knows what God’s gifted him with, and he’s at his most joyful when he stays in his lane.

I get you, Henry.

My lane? To write through this world’s hypocrisies whether it be through this blog or my books, shifting our gaze away from the world and back to the Gospel.

Our world has done an absolute travesty to define us as men and women. I’d much rather God have the honor.

So thank you, Jesus, for the words you put in my fingertips and the computer you’ve lent me and a few faithful readers who can feel it in their bones too–this world just isn’t for us. But Your kingdom is.

Looking for a good book? Go here.

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