That one time I was an atheist.

I recently listened to an interesting interview with Becket Cook on Focus on the Family. He’s a former homosexual who hit it big in the fashion industry and was besties with all sorts of people, including well known actors and actresses.

Two points of his story resonated scarily well with me:

  1. He practiced practical atheism for a majority of his life (so did I from college until roughly five years ago).
  2. He touched on the issue of post-modern relativism and the fact that it never really satisfies (yep, been there, too).

The idea behind post-modern relativism is that there’s really no absolute truth. We’re allowed to create our own boundaries and definitions of what our personal truths are.

After all, I’m me, you’re you and what impacts and applies to my life is none ya business.

But here’s the deal: we’re all interconnected folks, and the decisions I make DO impact others as well.

There are also undeniable truths God created in this world even if we want to pretend they don’t exist. Hmmm, let me see: gravity (and the fact that we don’t go flying off this planet every morning we wake up), the desire for justice (technically if my truth involves smacking you in the face every time I feel like it, why is this frowned upon? I mean, I’m just living my truth, hombre!), the desire to keep living even when your world is on fire (I see there being absolutely no point in self-preservation even if we’re all supposedly evolved animals because really, what are we living for in that case?)

The extreme yearning to be loved.

So why is this important? You most likely have a loved one who’s in college and depending on which college they attend, post-modern relativism WILL be shoved down their throats. Especiallialy if they’re an adorable Liberal Arts major like moi. It’ll be way too easy to pat them on the head, roll your eyes, and make them feel like their thoughts and opinions don’t matter.


Instead? Love them. Love them hard. Because Christ’s love is the ultimate truth teller.

People talk big during the day, believing all sorts of nonsense about this life. It’s at night when they’re scared, alone and the anxiety of false gods like post-modern relativism (or insert any asinine thought process that’s currently in vogue), sucks the absolute life out of them.

Nobody ever talks about that part.

We, as the Church, have to offer truth despite moral and ethical breakdown in this world. Remember, Christ doesn’t return until it’s like the days of Noah, when nobody believed in anything except themselves.

But we believe in something far greater because we know what Christ has done for each and every one of us.

And there’s no greater truth than the one that lives in your heart.

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