Saved from ourselves.

I had a lady tell me she couldn’t connect with me on LinkedIn because she can’t connect with any “Jesus people” since they’re too toxic and cruel.

I just told her there wasn’t any need for an explanation and that I prayed she’d find peace and to have a great rest of her week.

The old me would have said, “And I can’t commiserate with bigots so thanks for letting me know!”

But the new me? I’m just sad for her.

I’m sad for, well, everyone who believes in not giving other people a chance and merely assuming things about them without getting to know them first.

BUT, I also know what fertile ground the mind is, and how easily evil can play with it.

It’s the reason Paul warns us to take all our thoughts captive to Christ and to constantly renew our minds.

We’re not just saved and that’s it. We’re constantly being saved from ourselves because God is that good, and we are that human.

But if you don’t know that, then you’re bound to be your own judge and juror, deciding who gets to thrive and who doesn’t.

You think we humans would learn by now.

I did say a prayer for peace for this woman. It stung doing so because I’m not naturally one to humble myself. None of us are, really. Humility is the breeding ground for the fruits of the Spirit. And this humble heart can only be attained as a gift from God. If we’re not willing to “get over ourselves” can we ever really receive it?

But I have faith God will give this woman peace because she randomly reached out to a person willing to pray for her despite the hardness of her heart. And I also have faith that God will continue to tame my tongue and help me realize my fight isn’t against flesh and blood but against the dark evil of this world.

May we all be armored in humility to do so.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
– Ephesians 6:12

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