One frustrating bubble.

I miss writing.

That sounds like a stupid thing to say, I’m sure. But I’ve been recording my thoughts and publishing updates about writing without actually writing, and it’s all felt like one frustrating bubble.

But here’s what’s not frustrating: I’m growing closer to God, and the more I do, the more I revert back to the joy I feel when it’s just Him and me and my keyboard.

So, would it upset you too much if I just go back to sharing my heart in written form? As much as I love the sound of my own voice, I want to get back to sharing my memories and reflections and the way Christ has always been at the core of me even when I refused to realize it.

I’m praying about my next post. I’m praying about what God is asking me to write. And in the meantime, I’m rereading my novel, and my heart is happy with book writing again. I don’t know what the next book after A Bird Alone will be about, but I’m thinking something about Biblical womanhood and how it doesn’t exist within liberalism or conservatism but within the Word of God.

Either way, I feel renewed, refreshed. I was burdening myself with all I thought I had to be. And the only thing I have to do is share what the Lord has given me and find joy as He walks alongside me each step of the way.

Looking for a good book? Go here.

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