A confused heart.

Tangled in a web of emotion

My heart drowns in the turbulent ocean 

Of confusing thoughts and feelings

Of contradictory desires and meanings

O that I could return to simplicity

O that I could relinquish my iniquity

Of doubting instead of trusting

Of wavering instead of persisting

Of fighting instead of yielding

Lord, set me free from the mire of despair

Lord, lift me out of this dark lair

Then I will see Your light once more

And praise You Lord like times before

This is a guest piece by Anna Hawkes Cabral.


Anna Hawkes Cabral is wife to Luís, a local church elder, and mother to three beautiful children named Abigail, Priscila, and Daniel. She hosts the Unique Mums blog and podcast and writes Christian devotionals and books for women. As well as writing, she works as a freelance English teacher.

She was born in the UK to British parents, and at the age of three, she moved with her family to Portugal. She loves libraries, walking in beautiful parks and going to cafes, if only to get away from the never-ending pile of laundry!

Instagram: @annahawkescabral

Pinterest: @annahawkescabral

Blog: uniquemums.co.uk

Books: Amazon

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