I’m leaving. If you’d like to come along, here’s how.

Okay, well, not really leaving. But doing things way differently.

Instead of receiving a blog post from me every time I (or a guest) publishes one, I’m instead going back to my weekly format of sending one email every Friday. It will have all the links to everything I publish (podcast episodes included).

But here’s the deal. WordPress won’t give me access to your email address if you have a WordPress account (even if you signed up by email!), so I might lose you in the mix when transferring over to Converkit to send those Friday emails.

If you don’t mind, can you please subscribe again by entering your email below? This is a different subscription box that will let me access your email and add it to my email list.

If you’re new, please also go ahead and subscribe. I’d love to send you a free book!

I appreciate it! Looking forward to sending next week’s posts and podcast episode on Friday, June 2nd!

Talk soon!


3 responses to “I’m leaving. If you’d like to come along, here’s how.”

  1. […] said in my last post that I’d no longer be blogging […]

  2. growwithkaren@gmail.com This is my email address for now but come June I am going with your suggestion and following direction on the link you shared last week. I will need to create a new account and select a provider for building my email list.

    1. That’s great, Karen! If you need any help setting it up, let me know.

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